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Micropigmentation by Mirik Beauty

Hello girls! The moment has come to get micropigmentation by Mirik Beauty!

As you already know, everything we do is done with quality and always with guaranteed results.

Now that finally after trying many candidates we have found the lost jewel among all the girls. The best specialist who has convinced us with her experience and her technique can finally offer you the quality of mirik beauty in micropigmentation services.

Today we are going to explain how lip micropigmentation works. It is one of the services that we offer and here we show you the photos of the results that we have done using the mirik beauty technique.


Lip micropigmentation, also called permanent lip makeup is a technique that consists of implanting bioabsorbable mineral pigments in the subepidermis of the lips using a high-precision microneedle. The lip contour is redefined and the color is highlighted with an impeccable result.

We guarantee the safety and quality of the lip micropigmentation treatment.



This technique that defines, delimits and provides tone to the lip, without losing its natural look, consists of the application of various pigments in gradation by means of a dermograph.

The tonality of the pigments is individually customized for each treatment. To do this, we take into account your tastes, skin tone, natural lip tone and the result you want to achieve.

With the Nude Color Mirik technique, we outline the contour and work the interior to achieve a defined and enhanced mouth. The lip looks contoured and optically more symmetrical with an ultra natural result.


The session begins with an interview to find out your preferences and expectations.

Next, we will make a preliminary drawing. In this way we can correct small imperfections, asymmetries, or scars if necessary. The drawn line is the one that best adapts to your natural contour, with the possibility of filling your lips 1mm above the natural limit of the lip.

Then we choose the color, according to the skin tone, the natural color of the lip and your tastes. Always in light and natural tones, to proceed to the pigmentation phase, where we delicately apply the mixture of organic pigments on the lips.


Minimizes imperfections, corrects scars or asymmetries.

Forget about lipstick, your lips will always be perfect and rejuvenated.

Camouflages the loss of skin pigmentation in cases of vitiligo or albinism.

Optical effect of ultra natural volume on thin lips.

Harmonize the color of your lips, correct very pale or too dark tones.

Defined lips, recovers the blurry or blurred lip contour.

What do you think? If you are interested, here is the link to book the service with us and another to see one of the clients who already enjoy the results of our micropigmentation ;-)

Have a good summer!!!!

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