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Where it all started

The history of Mirik Beauty does not begin in 2003 when Mirik started doing her first nails in her first beauty salon in Slovakia. It starts 4 years before when he started studying to be a Make-Up Artist in the same country. 4 years of studies dedicated to the beauty of women that until now form the basis of our services.
Even then, our main concern was how to make our clients happier and more proud of wearing the Mirik Beauty brand.

mirik beauty uñas pestañas Barcelona

The year 2008 was the one that marked the next step in the evolution of the brand. With the move to Italy, one of the world's beauty centers, we have won contracts with the best brands on the market. Organizing fashion shows in Milan and Paris cooperating with the best fashion designers.
Until today, if you are going to see how the catwalk models are parading in Milan, Paris or New York, it is quite likely that it was Mirik and his team preparing the look and combining it with the dresses.
These are the experiences that we bring to each of our clients who ask us to prepare her for the wedding, special party or just one night where she wants to shine without competition.

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