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MMuno - history of the design

It all started when at mirik beauty we decided to start creating our own line of beauty products and thus facilitate the experience of first-class beauty salons for everyone, also at home.

Soon we will receive many products that we have selected, designed and prepared for all of you who want to feel the mirik beauty treatment at home.

Oh well! What came first is the MMuno, a facial cleanser to remove traces of makeup, clean the typical pores clogged by dirt accumulated throughout the day and leave the skin firmed to shine just as only you deserve.

When the product arrived, we began to think about how to better present it and introduce it, explaining in a drawing everything that is included in the purchase.

First design has been an idea that came to us during a long trip looking at the mountains at sunset and it ended up like this:

We have turned it upside down and imagined the feeling you would have when looking at it. In the end we have agreed that the sensation is a typical winter melancholy sensation and this is not what we want to convey to you.

We want the joy of life to be transmitted, the feeling that the luxury that you live in the beauty salons of mirik beauty is also living with the products of mirik beauty.

So the second attempt has been more in style:

This has already been more in style, but it has not convinced us yet. It is more design related to earrings, jewelry or similar accessories.

So we have tested more designs implementing the eye lash shape and reaching the following design, this being the end of our search:

With this design and its versions of different colors we have been happy and we hope that this design transmits all the feeling of quality, luxury and mirik beauty brand that you are going to enjoy every day with this product.

Lots of kisses!


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